Project IT Lead

Company Name:
Bechtel Communications, Inc.
Provide technical support and coordination to implement the Project IT Plan on medium-sized projects. Implements applicable portions of Bechtels safety program to Project IT systems. Develops, executes, and coordinates project automation requirements while monitoring IT industry innovations to add value to work processes. Disseminates best practices. Processes and implements non-standard requests according to global/regional automation policies and procedures. Develops, executes, and maintains the Project IT Plan and coordinates for functional review. Communicates standard IS&T services to the project for hardware, software, and communications. Identifies and assists in developing discipline standards (Bechtel Refined Intellectual Capital - BRICs). Coordinates support for the implementation and maintenance of the project web site. Assists with budget reporting and cost estimating, and furnishes support during the bid, proposal, and execution of the project. Coordinates automation implementations in project offices and jobsites in accordance with national and local standards and regulations. Determines risks and costs to formulate technical strategies. Resolves customer service issues and problems within realistic project timescales. Reviews work status and costs against milestones.
Employer will accept Bachelors degree in Computer Science, Management Information Systems, Engineering or related field, followed by five years of progressive, post-baccalaureate work experience in job offered or in a computer-related occupation.
To apply, mail resume to Attn: R. Ostrom, P.O. Box 7700, Glendale, AZ 85312 and refer to Job # 108.535.

Don't Be Fooled

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